About the gardens

This spectacular wedding and events venue is set within three acres of stunning native New Zealand flora with a touch of the traditional.

With over 30 unique water features, fountains and other garden art; plus a variety of ponds, streams and bridges – there’s plenty to see and explore at Fountain Gardens. The gardens are linked together by a series of paths that wind their way through the beautiful native gully, around the pond and through the rose garden area. The native gully is a sight to behold with huge ponga and trees towering above, and native flora and fauna enclosing this area to create almost cave like effect that takes you worlds away from reality.

Fountain Gardens photo galleryAs well as taking a relaxing stroll around the gardens, you can have fun playing with the interactive seven dwarfs fountain crafted by local potter Shirley Sparks, or trying to balance as you cross the floating bridge.

At the top of the gardens you can wander along the path through the rare and magnificent giant bamboo plantation.

You will constantly hear water cascading constantly through the streams. The waterways are fed by four natural springs that run into the Zen like grove of bamboo canes where a waterfall directs the flow around the main wedding ceremony deck, and the Three Angels fountain create yet another spouting waterfall.

Here are just a few of the wonderful features that can be found within the gardens:

  • The fun interactive Seven Dwafs fountain crafted by a local potter Shirley Sparks – press a button and water spouts a dwarf. Kids love to play here – both big and small!
  • The beautiful horse cascade stairway which leads up each side Statue from phoenix Italia
  • Floating Fountain at centre lake often see rainbow in spray and provides perch for the resident ducks
  • Spinning Fountain by the floating bridge
  • Glass Bowel Fountain statue
  • Brass Tap Fountain
  • Lady of the Night Fountain
  • Lilly Pond Lady Fountain
  • Lotus Pond Fountain
  • A floating bridge

You will find a spring fed wishing well nestled amongst the native plants where if you lower the bucket you can collect the water that feeds the lakes. The wishing well is made from some of the over 60 tons of Hinuera stone used to landscape the natural waterways throughout the gully.

All the water runs into the main lake, then cascades under the rose arch path to the Lotus Flower pond, and then out through a culvert to an area of natural wetland, and finally out to Plummers Point and the Tauranga Harbour.

At nightfall the lights go on transforming the garden into a shimmering oasis.
This garden has been created and tended through sheer passion and ingenuity, rather than by precise technical know-how – it is unpretentious natural beauty offering romance, serenity and beauty.