The story of Fountain Gardens

Fountain Gardens was established ages ago… way back in the early 1960s.

The property was originally part of a dairy farm and included a swampy blackberry covered valley. The valley provided vehicle access to the cowshed and was partially dammed to provide drinking water for stock.

The dam now forms the main lake and two huge gum trees still remain from the many trees that once surrounded the dam.

In the mid 1970s the land was subdivided into kiwifruit blocks where suitable, and a walnut grove was planted in the valley where it was too steep for kiwifruit.

Fountain Gardens first opened for visitors on Boxing Day in 1995. It was then known as Cascade Fountain Gardens. It was open to the public for garden walks and was a popular tourist destination. Many of the fountains and garden art features were inspired by the extensive travelling the former owners had done. During this time the venue also had a theatre area where in the evenings musicians would provide entertainment to visitors.

Fountain Gardens has been developed into a stunning and unique wedding venue from 2004.

In 2015 Marie and Liza found Fountain Gardens. We had been searching for a wedding venue for 2 years and when we  found Fountain Gardens, we fell in love with this lush and creative space. We have realised our  dream to combine our love of relentless customer service and our great management expertise to create a majestic and and distinct gathering place.


Current owners


Marie & Liza