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Introducing the Fountain Garden’s niffy new electric cart…

Introducing the Fountain Garden's niffy new electric cart

Our niffy new cart

Fountain Gardens has a new member of the team – our trusty electric cart that seats up to four people. We purchased the cart to help guests with mobility difficulties access areas of the garden with ease.

It’s great fun and means those guests with mobility difficulties, and your more mature guests, can be transported around much of the garden and to the main ceremony deck in comfort and style – no matter what the weather.
Last winter we set to work to make it happen in time for the 2013/2014 wedding season. It took a bit of work to create a path wide enough to accommodate the cart. My brother Nick and I formed the new path using a hired dingo and block paving.

We also built a ponga retaining wall along the path. We’ve become quite good at building these. They fit into the rest of the native natural landscape perfectly.
Ponga wall tip: If you decide to build a ponga wall make sure you build it with fresh cut ponga and water daily over the top as well as the base for at least 3 months or more if dry and hot. Once they are established they look after themselves.
The block paving of the main path provides a firm smooth pathway and works well wtih the rare giant bamboo grove that lines the pathway. The banboo grove sends out roots that will break any surface. The block paving enables us to lift the paver/s, cut the root out and set the paver back into position.

The cart was used for every wedding last season to ferry guests about the venue and to give the children fun rides.
Adrianne Conner, Owner of Fountain Gardens